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Mass spectrometry instrumentation has increased substantially in availability and capability. As a computational mass spectrometrist, Prime Labs founder Dr. Rob Smith noticed the general frustration among mass spectrometry scientists regarding the state of mass spectrometry software. Existing software was unintuitive, slow, sometimes incorrect, and failed to address many use cases.

Prime Labs was founded to make software that empowers scientists to do what they want to do and enjoy doing it. Our software is designed to enable a broader range of experiments in far less time with higher accuracy and more coverage.

Achieving this goal requires intentional interfaces, cutting edge algorithms, and innovative infrastructure that enables us to do what no one else can. Our software wraps these advancements in an incredible intuitive, modern SaaS design that allows you to drop in and start enjoying this typically dreadful process without lengthy training times or onerous installations.


If you are interested in investment or scientific collaboration with Prime Labs, please provide us with a non-confidential proposal that describes the opportunity, including scientific supporting data to: [email protected]